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The New Type Community — Online Users and Abusers

The online type experience is muddled with naiveté and ignorance.

Four out of every five homes have access to the internet. ‘Google’ is a verb. The ‘net’ is a part of modern life. Along with it, there’s growing interest in social networking. People want to hook up with other like-minded individuals. So we see common-interest groups forming—stamp collectors, quilters, horse-riders, redheads, left-handed people and, predictably, people who share the same personality type code.

Personality type is becoming the new astrology—people sign off emails with their sun sign, four-letter code, temperament and enneagram numbers. Several years ago Dr John Beebe made the wry comment that ‘type can now be found on the backs of cereal boxes’. He has fretted that we may ‘lose type to the Collective’. That seems to be coming true these days.

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Originally published in Australian Psychological Type Review, Vol 11, No. 2, October 2009.
Reproduced with permission.

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