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8-Level Model of Psychological Type (Audio CD)

Why a CD?

Audio Learning is the wave of the future. Slipping an audio into your stereo or car CD player is the cutting-edge way to get new, useful information into your brain. No more wasted time while commuting!Several more CDs are now in the works! Be sure to come back often to see new CDs as they come available.

What’s the “8-Level Model”?

At last! A clear explanation of the 8-level model of psychological type! You may already be familiar with the MBTI® instrument and the 4-letter code it yields. And you may be aware of the 4 cognitive processes indicated by that code. But are you familiar with the 8-level model that explains more about your personality than the MBTI® assessment can ever say?
Vicky Jo has been immersed in this model for over 10 years, learning from its principal architects and proponents—people like John Beebe, Linda Berens, Dario Nardi, and Leona Haas. She has distilled this knowledge into a 75-minute audio CD that covers an exploration of the 8 cognitive processes, along with suggestions for experiencing each of them firsthand.
This CD provides an excellent introduction to the highly-effective multiple-model approach Vicky Jo uses with her clients. No prior type exposure is required in order to understand it.

Cost: $24.95

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